About Us

The Farm

We have a beautiful 10 acre property in the mojave desert 1 hour outside of Las Vegas.


Our Mission: To provide fresh and healthy produce to the Las Vegas Community that has been locally grown and hand picked. We believe that treating plants and animals with respect provides the best quality possible.

Our Story: We have been growing in the desert for 14 years, starting with simple gardens, slowly adding more gardens, greenhouses, and aquaponics systems. Now we have 10 gardens, 3 greenhouses, 5 aquaponics systems,



Our Team

We have a small team that makes a lot happen! Read on to learn a little bit about each of them!

Stephen Andracki

 Stephen Andracki

Stephen is a medical doctor, it was his vision to grow in the desert and be self sustaining. He is a visionary, creator, and a lover of the desert.

Claudia Andracki

Claudia Andracki

Claudia takes care of everything money. She oversees all planting and decides what is planted where and when. She loves working with the plants and providing healthy food.

Aaron Whitten

Aaron Whitton

Aaron is the marketing director. He is the face that will be seen in many videos, he likes to smell broccoli.

Raul Gutierez


Raul keeps everything fun at the farm, he builds things when we need them and takes care of day to day operations.

Tyler Carter

Tyler Carter

Tyler takes care of anything tech, be it the website, design, or support. He also helps with the maintenance of the aquaponics systems. He also just so happens to be really cool, and single…ladies!!