Community Supported Agriculture


1471090_660141907432242_6212584815045221539_nWhat in the world is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture, we’ll just refer to it as CSA from now on, is a relatively new concept started in the 1980s. The whole idea is that rather than buying produce from an unknown source at the store, you buy a ‘share’ of a local farm, so now you get a ‘share’ of what the farm produces. The end result is you support a local farmer, you know exactly how the plants are grown, and you know that your tomato wasn’t picked two weeks ago while still green, then sprayed with chemicals on the ruck ride to the store to artificially ripen it.

With our CSA, once you are a ‘share’ holder in the farm, you will receive a delivery every other week of fresh produce, sometimes with eggs and other goodies. At Desert Bloom, we grow organically without the use of harmful fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. We use sustainable growing methods and take measure to conserve water, electricity, and reduce our impact on the environment all together. All of our products are hand picked and packaged right before delivery and the animals are treated with tender loving care to ensure a happy life.


So what do I get out of it?

  • Warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a local farm
  • Sweet cooler that your produce comes in
  • Fresh, local, organic, sustainable produce
  • Fresh Eggs
  • Awesome extras like local honey plus surprise add ins from time to time
  • The opportunity to check out the farm anytime
  • Health advice and recipes to experiment with your shiny new veggies


One thing to keep in mind:

This is all fresh grown produce, don’t expect to be able to get whatever you want at anytime of the year, that’s what Walmart is for, and what we’re trying to get away from. The plants that are in season and ready to harvest are whats in the package.

But wait, exactly how much is this?

Each CSA share is $100 per month, plus a one time $150 set up fee. The set up fee is used to purchase two personal coolers just for you that we will deliver your produce in. You receive two deliveries each month, making it $50 per delivery for hand picked organic produce, grown locally in a sustainable manner. You will also have the option to upgrade your package to include eggs, honey, and many other extras.

Restaurant shares are also available for $300, plus a $150 setup fee. The setup fee is used to purchase containers to deliver produce in which need to be returned for the next delivery. You will receive two deliveries each month making it $150 per delivery, you receive 3 shares worth of produce.

Wow, that’s awesome! Where do I sign up?

Well…we are a very small farm so there is a very limited number of shares, and because of the high demand, it is rare that a share becomes available. We are however constantly expanding and trying to add more available shares any time we can, and if the demand is high enough we might just expand a little faster, if your interested in the CSA send us an email at to let us know you’re interested so we can keep track of the demand.