We have countless projects bouncing through our head at all times, occasionally we think a project is worth while so we start the planning process. However due to the amount of things already going on at the farm, we can’t always get to the projects right away, so here you will find some of the projects that we are planning on doing to further improve the farm. If you have any tips on any of the projects or would like to help get one off the ground, send us an email to let us know!



Composting is an excellent way to make use of organic materials by allowing microbes to break the material down, and convert it into an extremely nutrient rich soil. This reduces the amount of waste going into landfills, as well as provides an all natural way to fertilize your gardens. The only downside is that composting takes some time, months that is, for the material to fully break down into a usable soil. This is where vermiculture can help, by introducing hundreds of worms to consume the food scraps, then excrete a nutrient rich soil, the material can be broken down much faster. As an added bonus for us, we have uses for the worms that would grow in a vermiculture system as well, the fish in our aquaponics systems absolutely love worms, as do the chickens. By collecting food scraps from local restaurants on a daily basis, we could produce enough soil to fertilize all of our gardens plus some, and at least alleviate our reliance on store bought chicken food.

What it will take to get done:

  1. Build, or purchase a vermiculture system
  2. Set up a network of restaurants to collect from
  3. Collect from restaurants daily, tend to the vermiculture system daily



Why raise rabbits for meat?

  • Rabbit meat contains very little fat, actually less than chicken!
  • Rabbit meat has higher protein levels than chicken or beef, while maintaining lower calorie content.
  • Rabbit meat contains a notable levels of minerals including : iron, phosphorous, and potassium
  • 4 Pounds of feed = 1 pound of rabbit meat, 7 pounds of feed = 1 pound of beef
  • It tastes like chicken! So its easy to cook with and enjoyable to eat
  • A lot of rabbit meat can be produced in a little bit of space.

So there are the reasons that we want to raise rabbits. Here is what it will take:

  1. Build, or purchase rabbit hutches, feeders, watering system, shed to protect rabbits
  2. Obtain breeding stock from a reputable rabbitry
  3. Take care of rabbits daily
  4. Slaughter rabbits when they have reached the proper age