We started out growing outdoors, and still do to this day!


 Drip irrigation:

Drip irrigation uses ‘drip tape,’ a thin tubing with small emitters spaced out throughout the line. The drip tape can be layed out on top of the ground, or buried to increase the water efficiency. Drip irrigation saves water by only applying the water right at the plant where it is needed as opposed to spraying an entire area resulting in weeds using up water, as well as high evaporation rates.

Natural Fertilizers:

Since we use organic practices, we cannot simply go to the store and buy any fertilizer. Through the years we have added hundreds of tons of manure to our soil to create the growing environment we have today. Locally sourced horse and cow manure make up the majority of our fertilizer, however we also use chicken litter from our very own chickens. We are working on setting up vermiculture, in which we can very efficiently produce some of the best fertilizer possible while also providing some food for our fish and chickens.