Late Night Muse

I’ve occupied myself lately with the packaging and launch of my own brand to the expansive unknown world out there and in doing so have been forced to explore priorities, intentions, perception and all kinds of other deep drivers that normally just hum along happily in the background for me.  Now take the outcome of all of that, compact it into a catch phrase, spray it with glitter and you are well on your way to success right?  Well I think I’ll give it a little more thought first.  Something that continues to surface in many aspects of the process though is the idea of synergy.  If applied to our lives, it’s a concept that describes well my own thoughts on how to achieve optimum health while we stay way too busy.  Webster’s defines synergy as the combined or correlated action of different parts.  Synergy is where a whole greater than individual parts comes from.  I would imagine that mathematics is one field you may not see it come up much.  I’ve been able to witness it lately through the accomplishment of laborious group projects on the farm, seen it in the great effects of encouragement during tough workouts and experienced it in listening to others speak about why the food grown at Desert Bloom is so very valuable to them personally.  It’s a powerful tool that should be incorporated consciously into our daily lives.  I believe that for most of us, our level of health directly correlates to the quality of our daily movement, the foods we consume and our ability to get rest.  I offer a simple recommendation today to those that may be struggling in one or more of those broad categories, instead of the self imposed guilt trip for not working out 7 days a week or being upset that you’ve scheduled a morning meeting that interrupts your beauty rest, try focusing on one of those three pillars that you can easily excel at.  Take the dog for a walk to the park, turn off the television and get to bed earlier and of course, sit down to a healthy home cooked meal.  Small changes can do very big things to improve our health, wealth, vitality and quality of life.

Until next time,